62 days 14 hours 46 minutes 45 seconds

So today I tried a new approach and made a new schedule. The results will show next week so let’s see if it works. 

I bought some goodies from the e-mcat.com website! The materials that they sell are pretty expensive. Cost me $145 for an online practice exam, all the online the self-assessments (for all sections of the test), and the Official Guide to the MCAT Exam. The things I would do for a perfect score… 

If you’re interested check out the website: 

Today was practice test day! I was trying to recreate the testing scenario. But everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was following my schedule pretty well and was on my way to school. It wasn’t until I was at school and hungry for some food that I realized I forgot my wallet at home. CSUF and my home aren’t exactly five minutes away… 

So long story short, I went home to get my wallet and on the way to school I hit traffic. LOVELY. I absolutely love traffic *subscript* “Said no one EVER. I was originally supposed to be at school 2:00pm to take a practice exam. I ended up starting the exam around 4:00pm. Ugh. Wasted time ain’t the business. 

The test was a fail. AGAIN. I don’t think my mind was mentally ready AGAIN. The test is definitely a metaphorical and literal marathon. 
I took a pretty long nap during the physical sciences section.

Uh what?
To think positively: That nap was quite lovely.

I also got the exact same score (as my first attempt) while taking the exact same free practice test. This time I attempted more questions on the physical sciences and biological sections! I skipped over the verbal reasoning. (Perhaps I was still drowsy from my nap during the first section) For some reason, I thought I knew all the answers to them. That was a bad presumption.

The cherry on top was I had the urge to check my phone. And like most college students during class, I checked my phone during one of my “breaks.”

WELL THAT WAS LIKE OPENING PANDORA’S BOX. Never again. If there was something I could have forgotten, it should have been my phone. I blame you technology. Just kidding! I need you to take this practice test. 

A sidenote: If you are ever taking the MCAT, I suggest buying the practice exams that they have on the aamc website. 

63 Days 11 Hours 30 Minutes 30 Seconds

With each passing day, I get super stressed about the Medical College Admission Test. So far it has been a week into my journey, and I’m already hitting road blocks. To put things into perspective: I took a practice test on Sunday and I got a 7! I suppose it was because my mind was not mentally ready for such a rigorous test. I practically skipped over the biology section because I was just too dam* tired to do anymore questions. I set a schedule for myself everyday, but it never seems to work because I can never adhere to it.

I think I have pinpointed the source of the problem. My schedule works best for people who are early risers. (And I’m certainly not one) The problem is centered around the time I sleep. It seems to be different every single day especially during the summer months. I did pinpoint the hours to be around 3am to 4am every single day. I think that it is extremely important to get this sleeping problem under control because I want to perform at my optimal abilities the next day as well as have a sense of consistency.

So I will try to adjust my schedule and see what works for me.